a little bit About F&G Smart

The Smart family can be traced back to the early 18th century where for many generations they were agricultural labourers in the Hamlets of Gloucestershire.

In the mid 19th century Francis Smart and his sons Frederick & George were cabinet makers in Gloucester.

Frederick Smart walked from Gloucester to Birmingham where he traded in joinery and woodwork and was soon joined by his younger brother George.

The brothers rented premises in Slaney Street which was not far from Snow Hill Station and F & G Smart was established in 1870. They manufactured shop furniture and were joined by George’s father-in-law who was a brassfounder and patternmaker from Aston.

In the early days, before electricity, all of the machinery was powered by one large steam engine. This turned a series of shafts, pulley wheels and belts which transmitted the power to the individual machines as required. With the advent of electricity the steam engine was replaced with an electric motor.

George was very progressive and with the help of his son George Stanley Smart they aquired and established other businesses including the Birmingham Coach and Motor Brassfoundry Company, Smart and Parker Cycles and G.S. Smart & Co.

During World War 1 they manufactured ammunition boxes for the Ministry of Defence.

George Stanley’s son, Norman Stanley Smart started work at the Birmingham Coach and Motor Brassfoundry Company and soon moved it to the Slaney Street premises about 1926.

Norman Smart was supplying coffin furniture and horse drawn carriage fittings which were cast in the foundry, together with high quality shop fittings and display equipment. In 1926 they purchased a light fitting company that supplied specialist light fittings, mainly to churches and museums.

During World War 2 they produced components and assemblies for Spitfires, Stirling and Lancaster bombers.

Norman Stanley’s son, John Smart joined the business in 1953 and was responsible for moving the company to more modern premises in Highgate Road in 1959. In 1962 they purchased ‘Townsends’ who produced shopfittings and bakery equipment. The range included wedding cake stands and icing turntables, mainly for the export market.

Johns son, Nigel Smart joined the business in 1977. A new showroom filled with the latest shopfittings was created and the business continued to expand at such a rate that it outgrew the Highgate Road premises.

In 1989 the company moved to its present address at Tyseley Industrial Estate where it has an extensive showroom, large warehouse and plenty of parking and loading facilities.

In 2005 F & G Smart (Shopfittings) Ltd in the hands of the fifth generation of the same family celebrated its 135th anniversary.

In 2007 a new website was launched with continued support from the many long standing customers, staff and suppliers the company looks forward to an exciting future.

In 2008, whilst the world is in a state of financial crisis and the credit crunch hits every one, Smart Shopfittings continues rising. As customers become more price conscious they are searching around more, and still returning to us. By offering the best possible prices and the best service to the retail shop fitting market we have managed to obtain an astounding growth with both new and existing customers. Our range has increased with us now offering Tegometall shelving, as well as shelving systems from Arneg, Caem, Zaf, LaFortezza amongst complete ranges of display equipment and shopfittings such as Slatwall and Gridwall.

In 2010 to present we not only make it through the financial crisis which saw the demise of the shopfitting industry, we’ve also managed to increase turnover year on year. More staff have had to be added to cope with demand. In 2014 Rob Smart, 6th generation of the family business, took over as sales manager and has led Smarts in providing a fresh approach to our operations and services, with much more emphasis on providing complete service. 

2015 Has seen the launch of our brand new website well to be honest if you are reading this you already know.......the new site offers a complete
one stop solution for your shopfitting needs.

Please feel free to visit our Birmingham shopfittings showroom, give us a call or browse our on-line shopfittings shop. We are always happy to help with any shopfitting requirements.