Shopfittings Leasing Solutions

F&G Smart Shopfittings,have been established since 1870 are recognised as one of the the leaders in supplying quality shopfittings to small independent shops, independent groups and shop fitters for over 138 years. They are fully aware that everybody faces new challenges as the credit crunch effects us all.

Oak  Leasing has been providing leasing solutions for shopfitting  and shop refits for over 18 years. Oak have arranged  shopfitting leasing from opticians and chemists, to supermarkets and mini markets, in fact almost every type of retail outlet.  It was obvious that with all the experience that the two companies share, that together they have formed an unbeatable partnership.

Oakleasedirect Shopfitting Leasing 

We are all using cost comparison websites, for our insurance, for holidays, flights, and even cheapest petrol prices.  Oak Leasing have launched  Oakleasedirect, it is very simple, you either put in the rate or rental you have been quoted, and we will see if we can obtain a lower quote. All it takes is "3 simple steps to get the leasing deal that you want in minutes".

Often costs of a shop- fits  tend to balloon when  unforeseen problems or snags occur, and the original budget is suddenly out of the window. That is where the expertise and experience of Oak Leasing can help. Whatever the overspend, talk to us and we can tailor make a budget to over come your problems, and keep your shop fit on track.

We at Oak pride ourselves in being able to lease the whole shopfit, from ceilings,shopfittings  to carpets. To see the rental figure, use our quick quote

We will lease:-

  •  Tegometall Shelving
  •  Slatboard
  •  Counters
  •  Showcases
  •  Refrigeration and Freezers
  •  Caem Shelving
  •  Arneg AMX35 Shelving
  •  Back Room Storage
  •  Shopping Trolleys

In the modern commercial world, appearance is crucial, by having new and modern shopfitting increases the overall appearance of any retail outlet, and increases footfall.

Shopfitting Leasing Benefits

Leasing shopfitings conserves valuable working capital by not having to pay cash up front, the cost is spread to cover the working life of the equipment so you get the benefit of immediate usage of the equipment without the capital outlay.

The total cost of the leasing rentals is fully tax allowable. Furthermore, rentals do not rise with inflation or interest rates. It also keeps your valuable  banking credit lines free for more profitable use elsewhere in your business. See Cash V Lease.

Oak Leasing have been members of the SDEA ( Shopfitting Display Equipment Association) for over 12 years which demonstrates our commitment to shopfitting leasing. For all of your shopfitting leasing requirements,  let Oak Leasing be your one stop shop for your shopfitting  leasing needs.

Please contact our sales team for further details.